Meeting Agenda


Jan 19, 2023

The agenda will be posted the morning of the meeting.

Welcome and Introductions: 
Stephanie Clement, President

Pledge of Allegiance:
Valerie Miller, President Elect

Katherine Polsinelli

Real Estate Knowledge

Georgia Evans

Speaker Introduction:
Valarie Miller, President Elect

Business Boro Lab
Meghan Smith
Macey Corder

Announcements & Acknowledgements:
Stephanie Clement, President

THANK YOU to our Strategic Partners – See Below


Queen of Hearts / Enter to Win

Directions for QUEEN of HEARTS
$5.00 for 10 tickets

  • All tickets go into a basket
  • One ticket will be pulled
  • If your ticket gets pulled, you will get one third of what is collected today (1/3 goes into the ongoing pot, 1/3 goes to whomever’s ticket gets pulled, 1/3 goes back to WCR as a donation)
  • You pick a card from deck of cards.  
  • If the card you pull is the queen of hearts you get the ongoing pot and if it’s not then your card gets torn up and the deck continues to shrink and the pot continues to grow! 

If you are a member and haven’t already, please update your membership information.


Happy Birthday!

1/14 – Kayla Dodd
1/17 – Brandon Burkes
1/25 – Dianne Christian
2/07 – Shauna Mason

2023 Strategic Partners

Advance TitleĀ 
Kayla Dodd
(615) 624-7603

First Community Mortgage
Brad Chastain
(423) 802-4242

One Trust Home Loans
Matt Helton
(615) 400-6764

Bell & Alexander Title
Ben Seamon
(615) 333-7712

Georgia Evans Realty
Georgia Evans
(615) 542-7880


Legacy Home Inspections
Josh Phillips
(615) 957-8033

TN Title Services
Vanessa Crookshanks
(713) 724-8207


Red Line Fencing
Erik Mason
(615) 995-4828

Choice Home Warranty
Debbie Schrieber
(630) 597-3400

James Strength Photography
James Strength
(615) 485-6303

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